eLearning Introduction

Rocky Hill Public Schools will open for all students, for in-person learning, on a Monday through Friday basis, beginning with the first day of school on September 8, 2020. The Rocky Hill Public Schools recognize that some parents and guardians may choose to keep their children at home given the current status of the Coronavirus public health situation. The school district will offer remote learning opportunities for these children. Children participating in the in-person learning model are expected to attend school every day unless the district is forced to transition to a more restrictive model (hybrid or full-scale remote for all students).


Remote Testing

Before Testing Day

To ensure the student’s internet speed, webcam, microphone, and speaker meet the minimum requirements necessary for remote testing, students and their families should run the diagnostic check below:

Tasks to Complete on the Day of the Test

This section lists and explains the tasks that students need to complete on the day they will complete a test remotely. Students should be ready to join the remote test session twenty minutes prior to the start time provided by their teacher. The sections below cover the following topics:


For more information contact:

Darlene M. Listro

Assistant Superintendent

for Curriculum and Instruction

860-258-7701 Ext. 31164