Frequently Asked Questions

How is an English Learner (EL) identified in Connecticut?

  • To be identified an EL, a family must take a home language survey when you register your child for school or shortly after. It is usually a 3-5 question survey.
  • If the home language survey shows your child is eligible, he or she will be tested to see how well he or she uses English.
  • If the district wants to conduct a parent interview to ask questions about your child's previous education. Don't be afraid to ask for a translator to help with this interview.

What are the program options for English Learners?

  • Programs differ by district. Rocky Hill School District offer EL support

What are the Connecticut Core Standards (CCS)?

  • The CT Core Standards (CCS) tell what students should be able to know and do by the end of the grade level in math and literacy. The standards are designed to have all students ready for a career or college after graduating. 

What state standardized assessments do English Learners take?

  • All students, including ELs, participate in the state mandated testing. 

When does my child stop being an English Learner?

  • In order for students (K-12) to exit English Learner status and no longer receive English language acquisition support, the student must reach the state mandated exit requirements as below:
    • LAS Links Overall scores - Level 4 or 5 AND
    • LAS Links Reading Score 4 or higher AND
    • LAS Links Writing Scores 4 or higher

Research shows it takes 5-10 years to be fully proficient in a language. 

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