Tragedy in Texas


May 25, 2022

Dear Members of the Rocky Hill School Community,

Last evening, our nation was shaken by the sad news of a violent school attack in Uvalde, Texas, which claimed the lives of nineteen children and two teachers. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families in that small community that have lost loved ones as a result of this horrific tragedy. We also understand that situations like this will have a profound impact on the survivors and the first responders who dealt with the incident as it was unfolding and our hearts go out to them as well. 

I just met with our principals and I can report that the school day is proceeding smoothly and uneventfully in each of our schools. We are blessed to have five talented and strong leaders at the helm in each of our buildings. Please be advised that our administrators are working with support staff (e.g., counselors, social workers, school psychologists) to respond appropriately to any student who voices concerns about yesterday’s tragedy. While very few students have come forward for assistance at this point, we realize that people are still coming to grips with the news and that some students may come forward to speak with a trusted adult over the next several days. 

In terms of school security, you may have noticed that the Rocky Hill Police Department maintained additional police presence at our schools this morning. This additional presence will remain in place over the next several school days. We are grateful to have such an excellent relationship with our local police and we particularly appreciate the work of our outstanding school resource officers (SROs). As always, safety remains a critical priority for the Board of Education and our staff. Hence, the Board provides resources in the form of support personnel, equipment, and training to enhance our school security. In addition, our principals regularly schedule school-wide safety drills in consultation with our SROs. Our shared commitment to school safety will remain steadfast. 

I have attached a resource guide from the National Association of School Psychologists which provides tips for parents and teachers with respect to addressing this difficult topic with children. Please do not hesitate to contact your school’s principal if you have any questions or require assistance from our support staff. We remain committed to supporting our students and their families during this challenging time. 


Mark Zito, Ed.D

Superintendent of Schools 

NASP.Talking With Children About Violence_2016.pdf