Student Changes of Address

Student Change of Address Methods (COA)

In the event that a student has changed addresses within the Town of Rocky Hill, a formal change of address is required to be completed with the Central Registration/Residency Office. Changing your student’s address assures you will receive timely correspondence from your student’s school, proper emergency contact information, correct information for our automated alert system and proper bus assignment. A separate Change of Address Form is required for each student.


- Method parents/guardians can use to formally change a student’s address.

  1. Electronically using Google Change of Address Forms (Preferred method), please click here.


*** Changes of address are not effective until residency proof is submitted to the Central Registration/Residency Office. You may walk-in the residency documents, fax them to (860) 258 - 7710 or Email. Your email address will require authentication.

Questions, please call Mr. Thomas Kennison at 860-258-3180.