Transportation Company Provider Contact Information:


New Britain Transportation
New Britain Transportation is Rocky Hill's Student Transportation provider.  
Phone: 860-828-0511 Ext. 234

Rocky Hill Public Schools will open Thursday, August 31, 2023. All schools will hold regular full day sessions.

2023-24 Bus Routes are now available

Please note that the routes are subject to change so we advise double checking before school begins.

Some routes and stops will be different from year to year, so please check carefully, particularly for Stevens and West Hill students.

Please see the Board of Education "Policies" section Series 5000 STUDENTS, policy 5780 - Transportation, for more information.  

Our deadline for changing or adding stops is August 22nd. Any changes after that date will not take effect until 9/18/2023. Please plan accordingly.

Special Transportation
The office of the Director of Special Education and Pupil Services will notify parents of the arrangements for students in special education programs.

Kindergarten Routes
All Kindergarten students must be met at the bus stop by a parent or authorized adult.

Safety and Bus Behavior
Students transported, in the interest of safety, must observe rules of good behavior, and be considerate of others. They must be seated immediately and remain seated while the vehicle is in motion. Students misbehaving and failing to abide by regulations may be denied the privilege of riding on school buses either temporarily or permanently.

Bus Stops
The maximum walking distances to a prescribed point of embarkation are the following: (1) kindergarten, one mile; (2) elementary schools, one mile; (3) middle school, one and one-half mile; (4) high school, two miles. It is the Board of Education’s firm belief that parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring proper supervision of their children as they walk to and from bus stops and while waiting for the bus at such stops. Such supervision extends to daycare operators and other non-parental guardians providing oversight to children. This belief also includes, but is not limited to, cases where supervision may be necessary to gain access to a sidewalk located on the opposite side of the street as a child walks to a bus stop. For more information, please refer to the Board of Education "Policies" section at

 *All students should be at their bus stops at least 10 minutes prior to the bus stop posted time.

All bus stop requests or concerns should be directed to the Board of Education Central Office at 860-258-7701 ext. 31166. Neither the bus drivers nor the bus company can change stops without prior approval from the Board of Education Central Office. New Britain Transportation is our transportation provider.

New Registrations
Parents of new Rocky Hill students must register their children at the Board of Education Central Office by calling Tom Kennison to set up an appointment at 860-258-7701 ext. 31177.



Charles Zettergren

Assistant Superintendent

for Finance and Operations

860-258-7701 Ext. 31167

Becky Becker

Transportation Secretary

860-258-7701 Ext. 31166