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The office of the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction ensures that the curriculum and instruction provided by the district assists students to achieve the educational goals outlined by the Board of Education, the State of Connecticut, and relevant legislation. Toward that end, the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction works with the District Language Arts and Math Coordinators and school-based administrators to guide district-wide work on the development, implementation, and improvement of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development in grades K-12. As district curriculum leaders, we are committed to providing an educational environment in which all students discover and achieve their maximum potential in preparation for productive, meaningful lives and responsible citizenship.  Our talented and caring education staff is committed to excellence and equity for all students, creating safe, supportive environments in which children can thrive.

 The Rocky Hill Public Schools strive for continuous improvement, analyzing our student achievement data to establish goals and then refine our practices based on results. All schools, through collaboration with the principals and school-based improvement teams, create improvement plans based on analysis of data and student-learning needs. Our district provides high quality, rigorous, and engaging lessons aligned to the Connecticut Core Standards. The use of educational technology continues to be integrated into the curriculum. For the past several years, the emphasis for instruction has been on learning content through critical thinking and problem solving. Through performance tasks, students reflect upon their acquired knowledge and craft written responses, which demonstrate what they have learned.  To help our educators continually grow and meet the ever-changing student needs, we offer ongoing, job-embedded professional development so teachers and administrators can work collaboratively to address strategies for improving student performance. Data Teams are well established across the district, meeting regularly to assess students’ progress and targeted objectives and to determine instructional strategies to accelerate student achievement.



Darlene Listro

Assistant Superintendent

for Curriculum and Instruction

860-258-7701 Ext. 31164

Mary Schaefer

Language Arts Coordinator

860-258-7701 Ext. 31175

Paige Weaver

Mathematics Coordinator

860-258-7701 Ext. 31185