K-12 Arts Program

Eileen McVicar Schnyder, Coordinator
(860)258-7721, ext 22063

Art in Our Schools

  • Rocky Hill High School  [Grades 9-12]
  • Griswold Middle School  [Grades 6-8]
  • Moser School  [Grades 4-5]
  • Stevens Elementary  [Grades K-3]
  • West Hill Elementary  [Grades K-3]


Art Program Vision

The RHHS Art Department recognizes the impact that the arts have on all learning, but also understand the profound benefits that a comprehensive art program can provide. We offer students an emotionally safe, intellectually stimulating learning environment.

It is the goal of the Rocky Hill art program to provide students with a comprehensive art education, creating visually and culturally literate students. We believe in challenging the students, cultivating the creative spirit and encouraging self-expression and communication. Aligned with the new National Core Art Standards, a conceptual framework for arts learning, our sequential program focuses on creating, responding, performing and connecting.

While creating, students are challenged to problem solve, develop concepts, make media choices, develop technical skill, and gain exposure to multiple media. During the responding phase, students develop critical thinking, communication and evaluation skills. The performance phase involves preparing work for presentation, curating, interpreting and sharing the works. Through art history and the study of various cultures, students develop cultural awareness, learning to relate artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context. The art curriculum supports the development of life-long learning abilities and the aesthetic skills necessary to appreciate beauty and to improve the quality of life for a more cultured and educated society.

Art Department EVENTS

K-12 Student Art Gallery

Here you can see select works from each of the schools in the district.

GRAdes 9-12



2020 Youth Art Month

Virtual Art Show

We thank Jennifer Zappulla from the Cora J. Belden Library for taking the time to record the Youth Art Month artwork that was hung by the National Art Honor Society on March 5th, 2020, but not seen due to the COVID lockdown.

Grades K-5

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Grades 6 - 12

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awards and recognition

Congratulations! SUSAN GUDAT, the Connecticut Art Education Association's Outstanding Middle Level Art Educator for 2020.

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National Art Honor Society

Congratulations 2020 National Art Honor Society Members
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